• Diagnosing Vein Disease

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    Vein Disease

    With the advances in medical technology, there is no reason to live with varicose veins or spider veins. Venous health affects more than just the way your legs look. When your veins are working the way that they should your legs feel good. When venous insufficiency and vein disease start to happen, deterioration occurs and it can lead to swelling, itchy skin, edema, visible veins and blood vessels, and leg pain and aches.

    Only your Vein Specialist can decide, after a proper diagnosis what treatment is right for you. One option for diagnosis is Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS). IVUS is a cutting-edge, ultrasound technology, which is catheter-based. It allows precise identification of iliac vein obstructions as well as guidance for intravascular stent placement.

    The IVUS catheter itself is only about the size of a tip of a sharpie marker. At the tip, it contains a tiny ultrasound element allowing imaging of the vein from inside of the body.

    To get more specific:

    IVUS enables your physician and techs to directly examine the pelvic veins (iliac veins). These are the deep veins responsible for drawing the blood from down in the legs back up to the heart. If you are found to have a blockage of the iliac veins from external pressure on the part of the overlying iliac artery as well as the posteriorly located lumbar spine can lead to excess pressure in the veins just below that point.

    Signs and symptoms of this increased pressure:

    • Pelvic pain
    • Buttock pain
    • Hip pain

    (All of which are typically worsened due to prolonged sitting or standing.)

    Pelvic congestion syndrome

    PCS can occur due to the development of cross pelvic collateral “varicose” veins. This condition can cause pelvic pain during or after sex, during your monthly cycle, or when squatting.

    Unexplained lower extremity edema, discolored or thick lower leg skin and non-healing leg ulcers may also be caused by compression of these veins. IVUS has enabled more accurate identification of pelvic vein occlusive disease.

    Once the precise location and severity of obstructions has been found, noted and measured, an accurate treatment plan can be created.

    Step one is to schedule a FREE consultation with a Vein Specialist. Let them take a look and guide you to the best course of treatment so that you can return your legs to health. Start today by going to www.eveinscreening.com and clicking on the FREE Virtual Vein Consultation button.

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